Saturday, January 11, 2014

Available for training and talks

I thought it was good to put my availability for running training and offering talks in my spare time on an official footing.

The proposition: experienced NGO organiser, facilitator and trainer wants to help your community or campaign group find and share the skills and knowledge it needs to be marvellous. Sometimes with a side-order of geeky references.

What's in it for him? The rosy glow of helping you out? A kind of Hippocratic conviction? Frankly he's keen to keep in practice. Preferably travel expenses. :-)

What he trains in? All aspects of organising, community campaigning and team-building including but not limited to facilitation, public speaking, running a group, talking to the public, campaign planning, media skills, events, stunts and more...

How he trains? 
  • Short, sharp thought-provoking workshops and skill-shares.
  • Doesn't pretend to have all the answers. 
  • Wants to empower in a teach-someone-to-fish approach. 
  • Likelihood of geeky SF and music references: high.
Can he train online / remotely? Depends on what you want, but he's willing to give it a go. He knows what a Google Hangout is and can Skype, which is a start.

Does he do talks? Yep! Up-tempo and excitable ones. :-)

Where I can see some examples of your approach? Have a look at the open source activism page on this blog

Enquiries for training and talks? Post a comment below or contact me by e-mail.

PS - if someone in a Friends of the Earth local group is reading this, just a quick reminder to take requests through the official channels, e.g by e-mailing This is me being extra-curricular!

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