Monday, January 6, 2014

Beating the cistern: Ron Burgundy in Virgin Trains toilets shocker

There's plenty to get angry about with trains - fare increases, overcrowding, London Midland's inability to find the right number of drivers to run their trains - but the straw that has broken this camel's back is Ron flipping Burgundy in Virgin Trains' toilets.

Yep. Go into a loo on some Euston services and you'll be welcomed by a recording of your favourite newsreader, jazz flautist and Renaissance man advising you not to flush velociraptors down the pan.

Random, much?

This smacks of desperation in plugging Anchorman 2. Never have I seen a film veer so wildly between very funny and complete tumbleweed, and this stunt falls very clearly on the tumbleweed side of the line.

Fundamentally though, it could be the funniest joke in the world and I'd still object to people trying to sell me things when I'm seeing a man about a dog. Posters I can ignore - but noise pollution of private space in the name of advertising is something else entirely. It's No Logo repeating itself as farce.

So, take me to the barricades of Armitage Shanks and Royal Doulton and defend our right to spend a penny without being sold something! 

Or at least write a letter of complaint to Virgin Trains.

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