Monday, January 27, 2014

Could you get Barchester buzzing? Second test form goes volunteer-registation-tastic!

And here's form number two - the one for registering interest in local volunteering with your community group. As you may recall, I think this works best (only?) when a campaign has a number of structured entry activities, and I've used Friends of the Earth's The Bee Cause as an example on this form as to how it might work.

This took about about half an hour's thought on the train to Newcastle last week and then another half an hour to set-up using JotForms, although clearly those timings reduce the more familiar you get with the approach as well as with the software.

So, I have the same questions for you, more or less as for the e-newsletter form, namely: 
  • Are the questions right? Too many? Too few?
  • Is the language right?
  • Does it work ok for you on a mobile or tablet? 
  • What could we do to improve the presentation? It's probably best to look at this on the actual survey rather than the embedded version in my blog for this one 
  • Does the whole thing feel simple enough that your group would feel confident replicating it?

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