A collection of ideas, sessions and reflections about being a grassroots activist

Television - more political than Sham 69?

Reduce, reduce, reduce - simplifying complexity in campaign messages

The power of hello on Twitter

Campaigning 101 - and the first skill you should learn is...

Julien's grassroots social media skill-share

Disruptive behavior and harassment at training events and how to deal with it

What can Friends of the Earth offer its allies?

Meet-up press release for local groups

Grow the movement - what do you think of these e-mails?

What is transformational change?

Notes from an introduction to climate campaigning training session trial one and trial two

Being an environmental activist should be this easy

Applying Wheaton's Law to campaigning

How not to fight your way through an open door

10 campaign ideas, 35 minutes, 1 train

The Superman and Lex Luthor cases for ground-rules

Getting into the habit of radical transparency

Time of the season: a quick way of classifying the health of your local campaign group 

Local campaign groups are like timelords, so let there be relaunches

Relaunch case studies one, two, three and four

Flashback: what can local groups learn from the Obama '08 ground campaign

The Leonard Cohen theory of organising

Using the adventuring party model and Chore Wars to help plan my wedding

Adios Underwood Street and building culture from the ground-up

Resolutions and revolutions - a reflecting, team-building and networking exercise

Social science-fiction - how story-telling games can help us dream our green futures

Online sign-up forms for grassroots groups - part one, part two, part three and part four

Playing your digital joker

The better mousetrap and the moral high ground - ethical and evidential arguments in campaigning

Why campaign meetings aren't just about doing and deciding, but cake too

Cake is quality of experience, unless the cake is a lie

Your local group is a smart-phone.

Every campaign group should have an animal costume

Festivals, signposts to the future and neartopian spaces

Bumblebees and bulldozers - a forum theatre workshop

Brian Eno is a one-man think tank

The Top Ten things I learned at People Power

Too much Twitter outrage makes me want to look at cats

Croquet-dokey (or how green groups are or aren't embedded in the community)

The 4 N's every campaigner needs

Shhh, it's planning season!

Six steps towards great online content for activists

The X-Factor has a Socratic question for you, campaigners (part 1 and part 2)

Why Pinterest is great for event follow-up

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