Politics and work

From time to time, I post about what I've worked on for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (or pre-summer 2015 Friends of the Earth) as well as other political issues.

Michael Fabricant is right (about some of the implications of Brexit)

Political fragmentation - troubled times ahead for FPTP?

Trouble at the business end of democracy - the #usepens affair

Campaigning force awakes in Northern Ireland and Wales (more on the Assembly elections)

Ask your Assembly members to champion MND

Notes from the policy rabbit hole

A thirty seat strategy for environmentalists

Ten reasons to get involved in a Friends of the Earth group.

Introducing the libertarian dismount

What we don't talk about, when we don't talk about The Big Ask

Storifying Campaign Organisers 3

Regional Gatherings are go!

Campaign Organisers - recruitment time again

Time to join the Cake Squad for peer support?

Basecamp storified

Top 10 Friends of the Earth-affiliated grassroots tweeters

Crowdsourcing climate change analysis

Happy World Wildlife Day everyone!

Elegaic-critical conservatism

Do potholes hold the key to UKIP electoral success?

Tweeting in a trolling paradise - the problem with Twitter culture and what we can do about it

Campaign Organisers promotional flyer and letter to local groups

Campaign groups: be more Troi

Explaining Campaign Organisers in a nutshell (or trying to)

Campaign Organisers - some musings on (non) culture-change

He's a complicated bee (Storify round-up of our presence at the Wilderness Festival)

How information distortion works, starring the Birmingham Mail and Guido Fawkes

Organisers - something transformative this way comes 

Kneel before Zod, er Cod!

Local bikini competition makes me facepalm

Scepticism - I do not think it means what you think it means

A new job - sort of 

Let posterity record that I once got paid to dress up as a cow

The time I was mistaken for a member of the House of Lords

Storify Report on our Executive Director Andy Atkins' trip to Coventry

Hopewatch Feb 2013: Silver Action, re-building Freedom Bookshop and occupying Twitter

Hopewatch Jan 2013: Obama commits to action on climate change in inaugural address

Environmental groups should support anti-cuts coalitions

Hopewatch Jan 2013: Job centre flash-mobs in Spain and more

Towards a cartography of hope

Storify: second reading of the Energy Bill November 2013

Eurosceptic zombies attack! Best campaign action of party conference season

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