Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Pinterest is great for event follow-up

I haven't quite gotten into the sharing side of Pinterest - a friend describes this aspect of it as being like Tumblr without the porn.

But being able to great your own pictorial noticeboards and link libraries is great for following up on events. I hate the endless bullet point notes that training sessions generate and what's worse is I don't think anyone actually reads them.

For example, here's the follow-up pinboard I did to a small outreach session on The Bee Cause in Daventry back in November using Pinterest.

There - isn't that much nicer? And if you insist on notes as well, type them up, copy/paste them into a paint program, save them as a JPG and upload them. Sorted. :-)

Oh, and if anyone wants me to come and do a talk about our Bees campaign, have antennae, will travel, so just call on me...

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