Monday, June 25, 2012

Los Vengadores!

When a friend went to Bilbao recently, she came back with a back issue of The Avengers in Spanish. And, what is more, a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby original from 1978 (at least in Spanish form)! Here are my favourite panels.

1. A leopard bouncing off Captain America's shield. Great idea, kinetic execution, love the typography

2.Hank Pym/Giantman is so happy to see Captain America return safely from safari that he gives him the bumps. Hank - this is not doing your modern reputation (post-Ultimates) as an overcompensating jerk any favours, mind you.

3. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have secret identity clothes in the same colours and patterns as their costumes. Genius. Also, and ditto, the Avengers advertise for new recruits in the paper like anyone else.

For some reason (grr Blogger) these next two panels won't upload the right way up, but I loved the surrealism of the hammer-circle in the first and the Kong-isms of the second.

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