Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bonus Butcher Babies feature - satirical caption competition

Recently I wrote about Butcher Babies playing to the boob gallery in Metal Hammer and the rather sad things that says about the magazine, the band and the subculture, in that order of culpability.

In the interest of light relief, I've decided to run a quick caption competition to 'improve' the BB poster the magazine gave away as part of their Road to Download feature. Sometimes satire is a better response than po-faced critique. 

Here's my best attempt so far to get you started.

The rules: no misogyny, be funny, judge's decision final. All suggestions by end Monday 25 June. Best three suggestions included in the blog next week.


  1. 'Casting gets ugly for Mad Max 4.'

    'Butcher Babies: Bringing Equality to the Abattoir Industry'

  2. Does my fake tan look a bit streaky to you?