Friday, March 4, 2016

Ask your Assembly candidates to champion MND

A quick post here to note that next Wednesday, the Motor Neurone Disease Association's campaigns for the Northern Ireland and Wales Assembly campaigns are launching. I've been fairly heavily involved in the preparation for these campaigns. 

And if posts here are a little sparse in the coming weeks it will be because developing a campaign is only half the battle  - you then have to make it happen (or, ideally, help others make it happen with you).

Currently my working life pre-launch is a little like this:

For now, though, here's a teaser for the two campaigns.

Ask your Assembly candidates to champion MND

We believe that politicians should understand the impact that MND has on people’s lives. And we know that this message will be loudest if it comes from local people.

That’s why we’re launching two campaigns this Spring:

- Every Breath Counts for this year's Northern Ireland Assembly elections
- MND Won’t Wait campaign for this year’s Welsh Assembly elections 

Take action from March 9 at and

Please take a moment to e-mail your candidates in your constituency to champion MND in the Assembly and in the community. 

Want to do more?

If you have a little more time, you might want to send candidates a personal letter, join in the campaign on social media, and perhaps ask a politician a question if you meet them.

An action guide and resources to do all that and more, as well as our Every Breath Counts and MND Won’t Wait policy briefings, will be available
at and

And if you have any questions about the campaigns, contact Tim Atkinson, Campaigns Manager on or 01543 415121.

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