Sunday, May 5, 2013

Open thread: why did you or people you know vote UKIP?

I believe in making the imaginative effort to try to understand and listen to people who don't think like I do. 

I'm not and never have been a member of a political party, although I'd probably self-describe as a radical democrat and tree-hugger if pushed. 

So, I ask not from a party political agenda, but out of intellectual curiosity: why did you, or people you know, vote for UKIP in the elections this week? What were your or their stated reasons?

There's enough analysis going on to keep the Westminster village going for weeks, so let's keep this to personal testimony or what you've heard. 

To reply, click on the comments/no comments section at the end of this text. Blogger allows you can post anonymously, and the only ground-rule is don't post anything offensive and we'll all get on fine.


  1. Feed up with mass immigration issues. Also never been pro-European. UKIP only party that promises to address both issues in a way that I believe will be effective.

  2. Thanks Anon. I've also had some anonymous feedback from another person that UKIP's stance on immigration was their reason for voting for them.

  3. And a reply with permission to attribute from @ragingmarkerpen on Twitter

    "Trust in liblabcon is gone. All talk no actions. Lovers of the eu project. Lovers of open door, mass, uncontrolled migration."