Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Take a sideways look at your Twitter persona with Poetweet

Yes, John Craddock (@Johnbaldy) pointed me towards Poetweet, a lovely little site which takes your tweets and attempt to turn them into proper sonnets etc.

Here's two poems worth of what it does to mine. I like them - they would only need a few tweaks to be confusingly pleasing.

Douglas Adams once wrote about a spreadsheet program which converted financial figures into musical notation and played your accounts as tunes. And Poetweet is something of the same - it provides an alternative representation of what we actually tweet about - our preoccupations, our stylistic quirks, our calls to action.

And, since we can't think in straight lines all the time, isn't that interesting?


With a gothic counterpoint.
To stop fracking in Lancashire
Camp indie rpg at some point...
Could you be a in Hertfordshire?

Obvs - there would be spillages.
Death metal band names I’ve heard.
Mace ('bout that mace) - no edges.
Michel Foucault Pokemon card

The toxoplasma of online rage.
Rather enjoying LA Woman...
A lot easier to update your page

With - DM me for dial in details.
And Ludicra's The Tenant. :)

'All power to the parish councils!'


Presents her Sonic Youth set list
Catharsis in tight leather trousers
- and I now have a shortlist. :)
Now that’s power in numbers

We're all acting, I guess. :)
Safe and speedyish travels!
Welcome on work in progress.
Local school for free solar panels!

We muster!
After fighting the good fight.
Taken with Larry The Lung later.
Jailhouse in Hereford last night.

Awesome poster!

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