Monday, February 2, 2015

10 years since The Big Ask started - call out for guest posts

Yes - it's been ten years, more or less, since Friends of the Earth's climate change campaign The Big Ask was launched in May 2005. The campaign that ultimately gave us the world's first Climate Change Act three years later.

A little uncannily, I was writing a blog post about my grassroots experience of the campaign last weekend, with some reflections on its significance. It's still in draft form at the moment and not ready to add here until later in the month.

So, while I finish this post off, I'd like to open this topic out to some guest posts as well. Would anyone else like an informal space to write about what The Big Ask meant for them in their local area? Offer any thoughts on its lessons or legacy? 

I'd like us to stay positive with these posts too - one of the ironies of being part of such a forward-looking movement is that one thing this campaign hasn't been is over-celebrated.

The deadline is the last week of February, so do get in touch if a look back at your own activist history appeals.

NB - if it's not immediately apparent from the fact it's on my blog, this is a wholly informal and unofficial exercise. I'm sure my honoured employers will do something rather more official to mark either this anniversary or that of the campaign victory in 2008, but this isn't it.

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