Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet-up press release for local groups

Here's a bit of open source activism for you on a Sunday morning. 

I found this press release template in our files the other day to send to someone launching a new local Friends of the Earth group. What I like about it firstly is that it works as well for an existing network as well as someone trying to bring people together in an area for the first time.

What I also appreciate about the wording - and props to whoever among my illustrious predecessors wrote it - is that it doesn't scare the horses. It's not asking people to do too much too soon, it just offers people the chance to get together with like minds and explore the issues. 

The release also holds out the (eminently reassuring) possibility of linking up with people who've already been campaigning and are in a position to mentor new arrivals.

So feel free to use and remix as you see fit.

Press Release - Friends of the Earth

Embargo: For immediate release, day, date, month, year (delete as appropriate)

Contact: [YOUR NAME], Friends of the Earth [location or group] – [phone number]


Environmental group WLTM enthusiastic [location] residents for a fun, active relationship. You will be either M or F, aged between 16-99, with a GSOH and desire to save the planet. Must have positive outlook on life and enjoy action rather than words.

People who want to tackle environmental issues are being invited to an open meeting on [time] at [location], where you can:

  • Find out more about Friends of the Earth local groups and campaigning
  • Have your say about local environmental issues which need addressing
  • Find out more about the solutions to climate change
  • Meet like-minded people your age
[this next paragraph to be tweaked depending on local situation]

A number of local Friends of the Earth supporters are looking forward to meeting potential volunteers and would like as many people as possible to be involved. The group has a strong background of campaigning on local issues around [location] and further afield as well as national and global issues such as climate change.

If you cannot make it to the meeting, but would still like to be involved, we would still love to hear from you on [number] or[e-mail]..

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