Thursday, March 20, 2014

Relaunch case study 2 - a real Dr Who style regeneration

A group with an ageing volunteer profile decided that they could not carry on with the current active membership, despite past successes. They put a call out for help to staff in Spring and planned for a make-or-break AGM in Autumn.
  • The first thing they did right was to plan in a long-lead in time for a final decision.
  • This allowed us to do two things book in a mailing to national supporters in the area inviting them to the meeting. This supplemented local publicity to the membership.
  • We worked with the group to make the letter sound like an opportunity rather than a crisis.
  • Effectively it looked like an introduction to/get involved in Friends of the Earth event.
  • My team-mate also used the time to talk the group and get to know them a bit. This allowed him to steer his efforts strongly towards either nurturing any newcomers or recommending the group fold.
  • This was because it was clear from speaking to the experienced members that while they had done exemplary service to the movement in the past they were no longer in a position to offer substantive support to a relaunched group or maintain a group on hold for a few years.
  • When my team-mate went to the AGM they were able to meet prospective new members, one of whom subsequently became new coordinator.
  • The group therefore decided to continue, handing over key responsibilities.
  • My team-mate coached the coordinator through telephone and e-mail contact, and guided them towards public-facing actions requiring teamwork such as film screenings and stalls, to build up the active membership and contact list for the group
  • They also supported the coordinator to attend training opportunities such as the next Regional Gathering.

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