Monday, March 24, 2014

Kveldsanger - Ulver's beautiful anomaly

In more than two decades of musical digressions and genre transgressions, Ulver's second album still sounds like one of their most beautiful anomalies.

For starters, Kveldsanger is one of only two albums in their back catalogue I'd consider inflicting on my parents - the other one being the recent covers set Childhood's End. 

Not that they've previously expressed any interest in fairy tale concept albums about children lost in troll-infested woods, but it's gentle accessible stuff, led by delicate classical guitar and Garm's one-man multi-tracked male voice choir. 

You could - I frequently do - use Kveldsanger to reach an accommodation with the fact of the new day, letting its melancholy and simplicity wash over you on the way to work.

The fact that Ulver knocked this off in the midst of their full-on black metal sulky teenage phase - excellent in very different ways - also never ceases to amaze me. In a career defined by thoughtfulness, by concepts conceived and executed, it stands out as a contrastingly naive work.

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