Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flashback: what can local groups learn from the Obama '08 grassroots campaign?

I came across some notes I wrote five years ago about the Obama '08 election campaign and its fantastic grassroots campaign, having read Zack Exley's seminal article on the subject. Worth repeating them here to include in my auxiliary memory since they're still as valid today.

1. Start volunteers with small tasks and build it up - pass the baton when you get them running at the right speed.

2. Tailor roles to skills and personalities, have as many leadership roles as you have people willing to fill them.

3. Encourage active members to pass on their skills and experience to others.

4. Focus - build up your team in one area before tackling the next.

5. Measure success by the number of volunteers you recruit as well as the campaigns you win.


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