Sunday, May 26, 2013

Top 10 acts we saw at The Great Escape Pt 2

Last weekend we went down to Brighton for the Great Escape festival of new music. Between discovering a new city, eating some amazing food and rejoicing in a man dressed as Rowlf playing street piano, we saw some fantastic music.

1. Wolf Alice 

Indie rock 'n' roll in the Pixies / Peejay vein. The only 'buzz' band we managed to get in to see and they didn't disappoint.

2. Luke Sital-Singh

A young Conchord-a-like with a honeyed voice for solo guitar. The original songs are good but I also have a feeling he'd be an inspired interpreter of others' work.

3. Popstrangers

The great indie rock-n-roll revival part 2, this time from New Zealand and checking the boxes marked Pixies, Posies, Pumpkins. Live, they knock this stuff out of the park, so you definitely go see them play while they tour this coming fortnight.

4. Blek

The great Indian indie rock-n-roll revival, pt 3. Has Mumbai nurtured the heirs to the Minutemen?

5. Gabriel Bruce

Just imagine if the title track to St Elmo's Fire was the foundation on which modern music was built.

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