Thursday, May 16, 2013

A new job (sort of)

Last week the newly renamed Activism Department at Friends of the Earth was launched, meaning my job is now Activism Development Coordinator rather than Network Developer, as it's been for the last nearly five years.

For more information about the overall re-structure you can see:

What I'll be doing for half my working hours will be: 

Helping to staff our new local groups enquiries telephone/email hotline.

Helping to staff our new local groups enquiries telephone/e-mail hotline.

Getting hands-on and supporting local groups proactively with capacity-building work.

Running quarterly teleconferences for coordinators.

Supporting staff and local groups to use Campaign Hubs effectively.

Helping to edit Change Your World.

Supporting one of our programme teams to engage with local groups.

Supporting Marinet (our local group network working on marine issues)

With the other half of my time, I’ll be working on a new project to develop a model of, recruit and train up what we were provisionally but almost certainly won't be actually calling organisers: movement-builders, alliance-makers and networkers for the Friends of the Earth grassroots.

Much is still to be decided about not-organisers, but you may find a few references to them here in the months that follow, as well as more official updates in the other place.

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