Sunday, January 13, 2013

Round-up: job centre flash-mobs and saving Newcastle's libraries

Via The Atlantic

"To cheer up the crowd at a one of the country's very full unemployment offices, Spanish radio program Carne Cruda 2.0 organized a flash mob of musicians to come and play a version a version of the Beatles classic "Here Comes the Sun." Just try not to feel moved." 

Via Coalition of Resistance report of mass public meeting against threatened closure of 10 of 18 libraries in Newcastle. Stand out quote from Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall.

 “We do not have a right to stand by and let them do this. These things have been fought for tooth and nail for generations and generations … by little pit laddies in the dark and all those generations of people who were exploited by commerce, who were deprived the right to read and learn and share the very basic things of life that are just normal for the rich and cultured."

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