Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shh... it's planning season at Stafford Friends of the Earth

Tuesday night I went to help the Stafford group plan their activities for the year ahead.

This might not look like the notes from a coherent discussion ... but trust me, it was ace. It looks like the group's priorities for the next six months are (in approximate order)
  • The Bee Cause: sorting out some wildflower planting, inviting their MP's along to lobby for a national Bee Action Plan, promoting workshops with Bridget Strawbridge
  • Energy Bill: collecting signatures for the decarbonisation amendment, hopefully lobbying their MP's about this face-to-face
  • Local Plan: working with other groups to respond to the Council consultation.
Also, gratifyingly, there were nine (nine!) people there for the meeting. What a lovely way to start the year.

If you're interested in resources for planning your group's activities for 2013 together - whether it's Friends of the Earth or something else - check out this How To Plan Ahead resource. Open source organizing at its finest (and no, I didn't write it).

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