Thursday, January 1, 2015

What is transformational change?

The following definition of transformational change owes a lot to a meeting of Friends of the Earth Europe I attended several years ago where a paper written by the ex-Exec of FOE Scotland Duncan McClaren, was discussed.

I came across it again it in a purge of paperwork just before Christmas and it felt worth citing again at the start of the year, as a reminder of what we're ultimately trying to achieve.

By transformational change, we mean a change that is not merely an extension or improvement over the past, but a state change.

This state change is at the personal, societal and political levels

  • The change is bold and compelling - not simply a better version of business-as-usual.
  • It excites people and unleashes their passion and creativity.
  • After the fact, you will say that we have more than a large improvement, we have a transformation.

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