Monday, August 8, 2016

L'esprit de la noticeboard - some links from the Campaigns Contacts' Weekend

Back in July I helped out at the MND Association's Campaigns Contacts' Weekend - a get-together for the Association's marvellous campaigning volunteers.

I facilitated (or assisted with) sessions on mindfulness and involving others in your campaigning. Over the course of those sessions I referred to quite a bit of external material. While I've already shared the following links with the Campaigns Contacts I'm also adding them here as an aide-memoire.

L'esprit de la noticeboard and all that.


Here is the mindfulness exercise we tried - why not give it a go yourself?

And here is the summary I shared with participants of what mindfulness is and how it can help with anxiety, stress and self-care:

Involving others in your campaigning

In this session I referred to a number of models and approaches about involving other people in our campaigning.

1. Lone wolves, organisers and mobilisers (Hahrie Han) -

2. The three circles model of high-performing teams by John Adair -

3. Circles of commitment for campaigns and groups -

4. Video (TED Talk) about the community organising approach and how that can involve people -

5. Basics of community organising in one page! collapse

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