Monday, August 8, 2016

Story Of Self/Us/Now

Inspired by my Campaigns Contact Weekend follow-up (see last post), here's the first of an occasional series of noticeboard posts with handy links to more activist and organising resources I have used or otherwise come across.

Some of it still lives in one form or another on Campaign Hubs, Friends of the Earth's discussion space, but as that's not being used much of late I thought I might as well consolidate it here. 

Story of Self//Us/Now

What kind of stories do we tell people about ourselves as campaigners? How can we make them compelling to others while authentic and sustaining for ourselves?

The Story of Self/Us/Now structure allows you to present a compelling narrative of your own to other people when talking about your campaign or group. You can also ask questions of others to elicit the same material.

Here are a couple of explanations together with a workshop outline.

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