Sunday, December 13, 2015

Television: more political than Sham 69?

A quick compilation of tweets and retweets from earlier this month on art and campaigns.

This is a topic I may well come back to in more depth because I do think it's insufficient to rely on reason (or even reason and good marketing) to campaign over the long-haul. And that didactic art is much less effective at achieving cultural change than its transcendental cousin - as well as being much poorer art.

If anyone has any views on this, please do comment as I'm still thinking this one through and welcome challenges, reflections, perspectives. Thanks!

And two timely quotes I came across in the days that followed.

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  1. A quote from an old notebook:

    "The process of producing art - and to some extent consuming it - is one which personalises and reinterprets, alchemises fact into exeperience"