Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy/sad - Vargnatt's Allein In Mir

Black metal takes many forms.

Sometimes it consists of tremelo-picking a Johnny Marr/Roger McGuinn-ish riff for seven minutes while somebody screams in the middle-distance.

This, then is Vargnatt's Allein In Mir - a great track and probably the most cheerful one ever to be called 'alone in myself.' 

Like other bands at the more accessible end of [MICROGENRE KLAXON] depressive black metal - see also the marvellous Ghost Bath - Vargnatt play the old Smithsian track of rubbing bleak lyrical material / delivery up against a surprisingly cheerful musical backdrop. 

The fact you can't really understand what they're screaming about doesn't cancel out the contrast, since Allein In Mir works perfectly as the title of the piece regardless of comprehension.

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