Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reviews of Infidel and The Violent Century in Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #49

Issue of 49 of Theakers Quarterly Fiction is out and free to read - hurrah! My favourite story this time out was Nebuchadnezzar by Michael B Tager, a nice treatment of colonists with an old school flavour to it, but new school mores, if that makes sense.

Issue 49 also includes a couple of my book reviews: Kameron Hurley's Infidel and Lavie Tiedhar's The Violent Century

'There’s nothing this reviewer better enjoys than returning to an author and finding that they’ve upped their game. Compared to God’s War, Kameron Hurley’s still striking debut, its sequel Infidel is better in every respect.'

(see my review of God's War on this very blog)

'Does The Violent Century make the case for the superhero novel as something with real merit in its own right? For me, it’s a resounding maybe; since the book makes most sense as a stylistic exercise, a playful what-if, rather than something with serious intent behind it, in practice it lends support to either view.'

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