Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaNoWriMo: inconclusion

Well, I didn't quite manage it - approximately 12,000 words of a Draft Zero. But it's been a really positive experience - my best failure yet.


  • I've settled into a routine of writing on my commute to or from work most days.
  • I've not gone back and edited - the problem that's done for my attempts at long-form fiction in the past.
  • It's got me thinking about lots of different ideas again - about the future, about identity, about politics and people.
  • I've entertained myself and had fun in the process.
I've not shown it to anyone yet - it's too unformed and protean to make any coherent sense as I chip away at the idea of a story. But I'm looking forward to showing people Draft One.

Speaking of which, the objective now is to press on to 25,000 words by Christmas - this steps up the pace a bit but doesn't feel unmanageable.

As part of that, I imagine December on the blog is going to be mainly short pieces, either to fill the gaps or articulate some of the themes coming out of what I'm writing.

If the latter, it might get a bit chin-stroking - you have been warned.

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