Monday, April 28, 2014

What does Tim write about?

In the last calendar year, I have produced the suspiciously round number of 140 blog posts

Subtracting the 39 or so photo-blogging interludes, that gives us just over 100 actual posts with substantial writing of some sort in them.

Of those, what I write about, in order of frequency is:

1. Grassroots organising, training and facilitating - it's my job, innit, so the blog is where I share and reflect.
2. Books, mainly reviews of SF/fantasy, with a few opinion pieces on the side
3. Music, everything from the problems with the NME's top 100 albums of all time to my ongoing tentative engagement with metal.
4. Political analysis and opinion, for fairly broad values of politics and opinion
5. Everything else - film reviews, creative writing, more personal reflections and things happening in my area.

This isn't according to any conscious plan on my part - I write about what I feel called and inspired to write, as I topple down the hillside of momentum and routine. 

But it does mean that the habit must be pretty well embedded in me if I'm producing something an average of one day in three. 

The question is now - is that enough? Can I do more with this urge to write? Is the blog the right place to do it all?

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