Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Local profile check-list

This is something I remember writing when I joined Friends of the Earth which I came across the other day. It's a self-assessment tool for local groups to work out what they can do to increase their profile and to ask for staff support.

As diagnostics go, it's a useful set of questions, I think, but I've updated it to include references more references to electronic communication tools, distinguishing between old media and new media.

Anything else here you think should be added?

Does your group have an online/offline newsletter or equivalent? 

If so, how do you distribute it, to whom and how many?

Does your group regularly display publicity material (e.g. flyers, posters) with contact and meeting information at places where potential recruits might be?

How often does your group hold stalls or any other activities which allow you to promote the group to the public? 

When your group holds stalls or do other public activities, does it have publicity material which provides contact and meeting information? 

Have your group checked that the information – particularly the contact and meeting information – on the FOE website (and on your group website if applicable) is up to date and accurate?

Does your group have a Facebook page or group and post regular updates?

Does your group have a Twitter account and use it regularly?

Does your group use the internet in other ways to promote itself (e.g. blogs, listings websites)?

How often does your group use the media (press releases, letters, events listings) to promote its meetings and activities?

Does your group periodically invite national supporters in its area to an event?

Has answering these questions inspired you to suggest that your group does something new to increase its profile? If time and capacity are issues, what in particular would be the priority tasks? 

How can staff help your group raise its profile?

a.Helping to develop a plan to raise your group’s profile
b.Helping your local group redesign its publicity material
c.Help with maintaining your local group website or a social media presence
d.Arranging training for your local group on any of the above
e.Helping to develop a public event to which national supporters living locally can be invited

f.Something else

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