Monday, November 18, 2013

Time to get Tim into the training groove

I had a light-bulb moment the other day - I realised that I was passionate about training and mentoring. I love bringing people together to help them share skills, become better campaigners, better organisers, basically just empower people to be better at getting what they want.

I do quite a bit of formal and informal training at work, but recently I've decided I want to do more in my spare time to keep in practice. To get into flow whenever I need without having to agonise too much about it.

The first Campaign Organisers weekend at the end of the month is a great focus for beginning this shift. I'll be helping to facilitate a whole lot of training at this event and I want to use it to build up momentum, to sling-shot into 2014 ready to do more than ever before.

So, what does that mean? Where do I start? Well, by

  • Compiling a portfolio of short, sharp, skill-sharing sessions I can deliver anywhere, guerrilla style
  • Practicing these sessions out of hours or lunchtimes in the office 
  • Testing whether they can be done via Google Hangouts.
  • Adding all of this to the training page on the blog.
And then rolling into the New Year ready to go!

PS - in the event that someone in a Friends of the Earth local group is reading this, just a quick reminder to take training and skill-sharing requests through the usual channels, e.g by e-mailing I'm testing a skill-share driven approach to capacity-building in new groups at the moment in any case, so together with Campaign Hubs, this means I expect my on-the-clock training to increase as well.

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