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Free film screening this Wednesday - let's get buzzing to save the bee!

Press Release for immediate use: 23 June 2013                                                           

Walsall Friends of the Earth

Contact Tim Atkinson on 07810 558 250

Free screening of bee film in Walsall

Environmental group Walsall Friends of the Earth are hosting a free public screening of bee docufilm Queen of the Sun on the evening of Wednesday 26 June at the Royal Hotel, Ablewell Street, Walsall town centre. Doors open at 7pm, screening at 7.30pm.

Queen of the Sun investigates the recent American epidemic of bee colony collapse disorder. It takes you on a journey through the mysterious world of the beehive, weaving a dramatic story from the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world.

Honey-bees, bumble-bees and other bees play a key role in pollinating plants, including many food crops. But for many reasons some bee species are experiencing a steep decline in numbers both in Britain and globally.

Friends of the Earth have launched The Bee Cause campaign to call for Government action on this issue and to spread awareness of what we can all do.

Tim Atkinson from Walsall Friends of the Earth said

 “We rely on bees and other insects to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables. Without them, it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate crops. But bees are under threat, and with their decline, so too is our food supply and our economy. So let’s get buzzing to protect the bee”.


Notes to editor

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