Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've finished a story - Swanmaiden's Blues completed!

I am busy finishing off and uploading all my thwarted attempts at writing short fantasy and SF stories and an effort to build up a portfolio. The first one is now finished. So here is Swanmaiden's Blues - be gentle with it.
Believing herself hunted, the Swan prefers to hide in plain sight. So she fits into a scene, like she's done before; she adds a few piercings and brings more black into her wardrobe; dyes her hair a deep orange-red; learns the difference between true and false metal, cult and kvlt. Wears an Angel Dust or Great Annihilator T-shirt when she wants to make a private joke.
Swanmaiden was an attempt at writing a modern fantasy short story I made several attempts at in 2010 and 2011. It's still a little on the Bronte/Tenessee Williams end of the emotional spectrum but it's now relatively underwritten compared with previous unfinished versions.

All constructive criticism welcome. You do not need an account on Fictionpress (where the story has been uploaded) to contribute your thoughts - there should be a free-text box for reviews at the end of the text where you can add your comments.


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