Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Round-up: Silver Action, Freedom fires and the aftermath, Occupy Twitter

Sharing of women activist experiences at the Tate

"Hundreds of women over the age of sixty will converge on The Tanks at Tate Modern to participate in Suzanne Lacy’s new participatory artwork, Silver Action, a live and unscripted performance of staged conversations. Women from across the UK who took part in significant activist movements and protests from the 1950s to 80s have been invited to share their personal stories in a series of workshops, culminating in this day-long public performance."

(plus write-up from the Women's Room blog)

Freedom Bookshop Re-Opens after Fire

"And so it is today that written concepts are lived in reality and anarchy is demonstrated in action."

My colleague, Tim Gee helped with the clean-up: this is his account.

(plus a good write up with videos from Vice magazine here)

Occupy Twitter

The takeover of the HMV Twitter feed by disgruntled staff connects to a longer, broader tradition of occupations. From Richard Seymour on The Guardian.

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