Sunday, August 17, 2014

Campaign Organisers - recruitment time again

And here's my soon to be published article in Change Your World, Friends of the Earth's in-house magazine for local groups, celebrating our first round of  Campaign Organisers and putting out a call for more to join the party.

They came to Basecamp [our annual conference] from all across the country. And from fracking to bee-friendly flowerbeds, from running on sun to stalls and socials in their area, they had stories to tell, plans to share. And whether on the high street or on Facebook, they were involving local people in their campaigns.

Yes – the Campaign Organisers were in town!

Since our accredited training programme began around 9 months ago, we’ve supported a first wave of Organisers in local groups to start new community campaigns. Basecamp was a chance for them to meet one another again, as well as to learn, celebrate and make new connections with other activists.

As we now look for a new band of Organisers this summer, it’s a good point to reflect on our aims and intentions. And it all boils down to empowerment.

Over one to two years, we empower participants to run a great local campaign. But the training, coaching and skill-sharing is also intended to help them to empower others - creating not just one but many great environmental champions around the country.

And with Campaign Organisers we’re not just providing training and support, we’re building a community.

For more information about how to apply this summer and to download the Programme Guide, see If you have any questions, contact us on or 020 7490 0210.

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