Thursday, May 24, 2018

Link library: volunteer recruitment best practice

For the Support Volunteer Project at work, we're having a look at the Association's approach to recruiting support volunteers like Association Visitors. A quick search this morning brought up the following articles, often saying more or less the same thing but each with their own slightly different perspective.

Alive With Ideas - 12 ways to keep your volunteers motivated and engaged
Charity Times article - a useful overview, with editorialising and quotes from various charities
Civil Society Voices - guest blog by Janet Thorne, Chief Executive of Reach, on skills-based volunteering.
Constant Contact - on using social media to recruit volunteers
Energise Inc - some recruitment maxims, including the interesting suggestion than no role should have 'volunteer' in the title - and writing persuasive volunteer recruitment appeals.
NCVO volunteer recruitment advice page - good summary of the basics - and how to write a persuasive advert
Nonprofit Hub - QR codes on posters and ensuring your enquiry process is mobile friendly listicle - especially for points 6 (gratitude) and 8 (getting out there with stalls etc)
Volunteer Hub - a nice point on volunteer advocacy on social media (Southampton Voluntary Services make a similar point about asking volunteers to design the ideal recruitment effort)
Volunteering Matters volunteer recruitment advice page 
Volunteer Now (p17-20) of a longer PDF - discusses 'warm body', 'targetted' and 'concentric' approaches to volunteer recruitment

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