Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring into action [PUN KLAXON]

With thanks to my colleagues and the E-campaigning forum, I'm just scrap-booking some interesting links and resources here to create an impromptu reading list.

Unless indicated otherwise, linking does not indicate support, endorsement or the adoption of a resource as my philosophy of living. :)

Community organising

Betsy Hoover's TED talk on community organising

Change Agency guide to community organising

Unlocking Networks - a resource for developing and getting the most from peer-to-peer networks.

Directed network campaigns

An interesting report from NetChange about balancing central direction and bottom-up participation in campaigning.

E-mail activism

Free report from More Onion about how you can make your e-mail activism aimed at MP's and other decision-makers as effective as possible.

More More Onion reporting: supporter journeys and how to automate them

And a contrasting voice about the limits of e-activism.

Mobilisation Lab archive

Where all their regular updates on campaign innovation can be found.

Facilitation resource banks, hints and tips

Training For Change
Conscious Collaboration
Seeds For Change
Radical Think Tank

The long view

Friends of the Earth look at lessons from campaigns throughout history. A nice companion piece to this is an ACEVO report making the case for charity campaigning in the here and now.

They call him The Ponderer

Tom Baker is The Thoughtful Campaigner (see for example his thoughts on leadership in campaigns or on campaigning in coalition)

48 Campaign Strategies? So close to Paul Simon, but not quite 

Thanks, Chris Rose

Or: More Onion on unconventional tactics.

Stories and listening

Great article on Open Democracy by Simon Hodges about respectful relationships being a key criterion for persuasion. See also Outrageous Impact on a similar topic.

Teamwork and coalitions

Creative coalitions: a handbook for change
How Google Docs became a key tool for social justice

Old school

Common Cause report on value-led campaigning

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