Thursday, March 16, 2017

Health-geekery March 2017



Or maybe you didn't, but in any case (with apologies to the Utah Saints) here's the latest list of health and social care links I compile on an occasional basis. 

As ever, the inclusion of a link doesn't mean agreement, just that it's made me go hmm (with further apologies to C and C Music Factory).


MND Association new audit tool for health and social care services based on the NICE guideline launches.


New report from Neurological Alliance based on patient survey finds services to diagnose, treat and provide on-going care are failing patients across the spectrum of neurological disorders.

Budget 2017

National Voices response.

Care Quality Commission

The CQC want to hear about your experiences of poor health and social care - also some useful information about complaining to a service and whistleblowing here too (via National Voices).

Care firms

BBC investigation finds that lack of money is prompting firms to end their care contracts with councils.

And the case for regulating homecare, courtesy of the Guardian.

Continuing Healthcare

Threats to CHC in Leicestershire and the threat of reinstitutionalisation (via MND Association).


Report on delays in wheelchair provision - quotes from Muscular Dystrophy UK and Wheelchair Alliance.

Northern Ireland election and coalition-wrangling special

Worries for charity sector funding in Northern Ireland in the absence of a 2017/18 budget due to election limbo (NICVA).

A handy list of new MLA's (NICVA again).

Analysis of election by Stratagem consultants

Video about Northern Ireland's GP crisis.

Local government nerdery in Wales

Want to read the Welsh Government's consultation document on local government, including its positions on joint working with health, council mergers etc, Thought so.

Devo Manc 

Progress report from The Health Foundation.

King's Fund trifecta

Quarterly NHS monitoring report.
The role of housing in Sustainability and Transformation Plans.
Elective waiting times target may not be reached for first time this year.  

Beds and delayed transfers of care

Good summary report from the Nuffield Trust with charts
And... as a complement, bed data from the BMA for each part of the UK

New palliative care awareness-raising campaign

Know About Me (Dying Matters)

Brexit and health

Record numbers of EU nurses quit NHS (Grauniad)


Good summary here of Project AMBRoSIA on the MND Association's Research blog - the Association's biggest ever research project to date.


Did you know more than 1.2 million older people are chronically lonely? Lovely campaign from the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness running till mid-April. 

Teh datas

Call for a Health Data Lab to improve outcomes (NPC, backed by various charities including the MND Association).

Health Inequalities

Did you know Coventry was a Marmot City? If you think it has something to do with small furry animals, read on and be corrected (RCN Community Health Nursing Journal).

And finally...a giant spreadsheet of increased payments for adult social care from the 2017 Budget 

Just the figures, but if anyone notices anything interesting please share.

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