Monday, February 20, 2017

A quick note on the Hugo nominations

As it's featured heavily on the blog these past few years: yes, I'm nominating for the 2017 Hugo Award shortlist (deadline mid-March) as a paid-up voter from last year. 

I'll be interested in seeing the final shortlist and may well sign on again as a voter so that I can experience some of the year's best work in fantasy and SF for myself.

And fingers crossed, it looks as if the last couple of years of controversy and gamesmanship has subsided amid exhaustion, reforms to the Hugo voting system and real world distractions.

Here's hoping... 


- The Hanging Tree, Ben Aaronovitch
- The Nightmare Stacks, Charles Stross
- All The Birds In The Sky, Charlie Jane Anders
- The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge

Dramatic Presentation Long (i.e. Best Film, more or less):

- 10 Cloverfield Lane
- The Girl With All The Gifts
- Ghostbusters
- Arrival
- A Monster Calls

Fanzine (or online equivalent):

- File 770
- Pornokitsch
- Eruditorium Press

Fan Writer:

- Camestros Felapton
- Phil Sandifer


- Rivers Of London series, Ben Aaronovitch

New Writer:

- Natasha Pulley, The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street

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