Sunday, January 29, 2017

Five more contenders from January 1976

Here are five more of my favourite songs from the charts of January 1976.

I've discounted leftover Christmas songs still hanging around, as it just seems odd to be talking about them in January and Greg's Lake I Believe In Father Christmas and Mike Oldfield's In Dulci Jubilo do get a lot of love and airplay anyway.

Paul Davidson - Midnight Rider - swinging, string-assisted reggae cover of Allman Brothers' outlaw hymn
The Miracles - Love Machine - a politer monogamous answer to Sex Machine powered by  falsetto and Fozzie Bear voice.
R and J Stone - We Do It - you will probably think you do not know this song, but wait for the chorus, and trust me, you will. MOR soul at its finest.
Osibisa - Sunshine Day - seminal Afro-funk from UK pioneers.
War - Low Rider - that bassline, those cheeky horns, those oh so subtle drug references...

All of them underlining what a golden age for funk, soul and reggae the mid 70's were.

Coming up next in the 1976 project: Donna Summer's Love To Love You Baby and the rise of proto-disco.

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