Friday, December 30, 2016

A quick top 10 films of 2016

1. Hunt For The Wilderpeople
2. Sing Street
3. Joy
4. Arrival
5. Spotlight
6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
7. Hell Or High Water
8. The Girl With All The Gifts
9. Ghostbusters
10. Star Trek: Beyond

Honourable mentions: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, My Feral Heart and Rogue One (displaced from the second iteration of the top 10 as it was pointed out to me I'd forgotten Joy, Spotlight and The Girl With All The Gifts)


  1. Here's mine (* indicates franchise):
    1) The Nice Guys
    2) High Rise
    3) Sing Street
    4) 10 Cloverfield Lane *
    5) Rogue One *
    6) Hail Caesar
    7) Doctor Strange *
    8) Fantastic Beasts *
    9) Ghostbusters *
    10) The Witch

    1. I think you liked Hail Caesar more than I did. But High Rise and The Nice Guys are def on our to-watch list.

  2. 1 The Nice Guys
    2 mustang
    3 hunt for the wilderpeople
    4 love and friendship
    5 the girl with all the gifts
    6 adult life skills
    7 the hand maiden
    8 kubo and the two strings
    9 three
    10 zootopia

    Although I'm working from my letterboxd list and I haven't added Rogue one yet and it might edge into the bottom half of the ten

    Handmaiden and three weren't officially out over here. Hail Caesar probably the disappointment. Loads of stuff I 'got' about the topic and I should be the target audience, they'd done their research but it ended feeling like the story hadn't kicked in at all

    1. Thanks Owen. I'd forgotten about The Girl With All The Gifts so need to revisit my top ten - oops!

    2. What are The Handmaiden and Three, genre-wise?

    3. Handmaiden is an adaptation of the fingersmith (I think. Definitely a Sarah waters book) transposed to Japanese occupied Korea by the guy who did stoker (which I liked) and old boy (which I haven't seen but I liked some of his other Korean stuff) It's an incredibly intricate erotic thriller I guess. It goes a bit too over the top but is some excellent film making. Stoker is quite similar tone and genre wise if you saw that

      Three is a pretty straight forward Hong Kong crime drama/bottle episode set in a hospital . More of the same from Johnnie To and he's done a lot better but I enjoyed it.

      I think I only saw 16 2016 films though so the bottom end of my 10 aren't necessarily amazing

    4. I thought Stoker was odd but atmospheric - Oldboy too graphic for my taste. Will keep a look out for Handmaiden as I thought the Director was on to something with Stoker. :)