Friday, June 3, 2016

Interlude: favourite Spectrum game theme tunes

My recent post referencing the old Slaine adventure game on the Spectrum has reminded me of some of my favourite 48K theme music.

Fairlight - you've got to admire the hubris of a game which is so impressed with its theme music that it makes you listen to it all before you can play the game.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - because you haven't lived until you've heard the Spectrum's puny sound chip try to replicate Trevor Horn's production on Two Tribes.

Heavy On The Magick

Turbo Esprit - someone pointed out on Twitter the other day that Grand Theft Auto wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Turbo Esprit. I think that's overstating it but the marvellous thing about the Spectrum was what its limitations as a machine brought out in terms of ingenuity in game design. So there's a grain of truth there.

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