Monday, May 30, 2016

Mindfulness over mental pinball

A quick notice of an upcoming series of posts as I try and an eight-week mindfulness programme, starting today, based on this book by Professsor Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

As I imagine many who know me well might agree, I do find it hard to 'switch off.' I also generate a fair amount of surplus thinking, which is one of the reasons why this blog exists, but can also be inconvenient when you just want to relax and be. 

For example, when the cat wakes you up at 5 in the morning and instead of getting back off to sleep - which the Meep of course manages effortlessly - you're playing mental pinball with this or that trivial question.

In short - I could do with a bit of mindful or meditative practice in my life.

Back in London, I used to get that with some amazing people at the Unitarian meeting house in Lewisham. But unfortunately where I am doesn't have a group or congregation, so at least for the short term I'll have to provide my own structure. 

Williams and Penman's book suggests one exercise per week, six times a week, with a recorded meditation to help guide you. Nothing too long or difficult. But this is what I need to get me started, I think. And reporting back here will give me some hypothetical reader to check in with, as well as allowing me to record any insights.

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