Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hugo nominations - here's what we submitted

The nominating period for this year's Hugo Awards wrapped up on Thursday (31 March) last week. Here's what I eventually submitted, with help from a few friends who can vote in the next round but not nominate because of the way the registration deadlines played out

As you can see, it's not a full ballot - there are whole categories of short fiction which I cannot speak - but it covers as many bases as it could.

Best Novel

Ancillary Mercy - Ann Leckie
The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley
The Grace Of Kings - Ken Liu
Seveneves - Neil Stephenson
The Dark Forest - Liu Cixin  

Best Related Work

Rave And Let Die - Adam Roberts

Best Graphic Story

Saga Vol 5
Ms Marvel Vol 2
The Wicked And The Divine Vol 2

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

Ex Machina
Mad Max - Fury Road
Star Wars - Episode VII - The Force Awakens
The Martian
Daredevil Season 1

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

4,722 Hours -  Agents of Shield
AKA Crush Syndrome - Jessica Jones
Cut Man - Daredevil

Best Professional Artist
Christian Ward

Best Semiprozine


Best Fanzine

File 770

Best Fancast

Caustic Soda podcast

Best Fan Writer

Eric Flint
Camestros Felapton
Mike Glyer
Charles Stross
Philip Sandifer

John W. Campbell Award (not a Hugo) for new writers

Natasha Pulley

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