Sunday, October 18, 2015


From the archives - evidence of that time in 2005 when I attended a Council of Europe-hosted conference in Strasbourg on electoral administration across the continent. 

Nominally an expert - as my badge indicated - I think I was about 3 months into my career as a Policy Advisor at The Electoral Commission* and got drafted because of my adequate command of French and German.

Looking back, I remember it chiefly for it being my first trip on Eurostar rather than for the content of the conference itself. Still, very much horizon-broadening for me at the time.

*Between 2000 and 2007 I worked for the Local Government Commission for England, The Electoral Commission and The Boundary Committee for England, which in Quangoland basically meant I essentially worked for the same organisation** throughout this period, regardless of nomenclature. 

**Technically the LGCE merged with the EC, with the re-named BCE serving as a sub-committee of the EC, before later becoming independent as the LGBCE after my departure.*** 

***But who's keeping track of such minor detail?

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