Monday, September 1, 2014

Guest review of Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human over on Theaker's Quarterly Fiction

With fantasy these days increasingly resembling the long tail of YA fiction, it’s a post-Potter world in which we’re living now. Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human is a good example of writing speculative fiction in these times, and you can find my review of it over on Theaker's Quarterly Fiction.

The review is also generously included included in issue 48 of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction, well worth reading all round, but in particular for the lead-off story by Charles Wilkinson, A Thousand Eyes See All I Do (warning: NSFW). Set in a post-peak-oil Elizabethan Birmingham, it's in the ball-park of Michael Moorcock and Mary Gentle without being a direct homage. I enjoyed it a great deal.

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