Monday, February 24, 2014

March mission: no book left unread on my shelves

I worked out today I have a good dozen books at least which are still wholly or partly unread. As I am running out of shelf space I have set myself a March mission of either reading them or moving them on.

To anyone who bought me any of these as presents, I'm sorry. At least I'm going to give them a good (if belated) read now. And they could be awesome! [hopeful look]

Here are that dusty dozen:

Made it half-way through... but deserves a second chance

Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game
Geoff Ryman, Was
Zadie Smith, White Teeth

Busman's Holiday

Della Porta and Diani, Social Movements
Fritz, InExActArt - The Autopoietic Theatre of Augusto Boal: A Handbook of Theatre of the Oppressed Practice
Kamer, The Faciliatator's Guide To Participatory Decision Making
Nichols & Jenkinson, Leading A Support Group

Was worried it'd be too grim

Maggie Gee, The White Family
Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Wandering lonely in search of muse

The Chatto Book of Love Poetry

Wildly ambitious (version francaise)

Paul Verlaine, Poems Saturniens

Frighteningly thick

Stephen Inwood, A History of London

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