Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Escape the cheese... with your help

Escape the cheese is now the working title for the alternative Valentine's Day event I'm working on with the fantastic Rach Shah.

Our concept is no tackiness, no speed dating. Just entertainment, some live music, food, drink, mixing people up who don't know each other so good and random weirdness. Hopefully raising money for small local charity or project, to be confirmed.

We have two important questions we hope you can help us with to kick things off:

1. Friends, Brummies, Readers - give us your ideas for venues. We currently have a budget consisting entirely of goodwill, so benefactors and creative thinking are both heartily welcome.

2. Good causes - we'd love whatever intriguing creation we are able to conjure up in precisely one month to help raise funds and awareness for a local project or charity. Please let us know if you have a worthy destination for the cashola that you'd like to suggest.

Thanks for your help!

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