Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belated Halloween / Rampage tribute

Context: I am trying to write something each day in half an hour's lunch-break and then brush it up slightly at home.

Today: a rather elliptical Anglo-centric tribute to Rampage, the eighties arcade game which saw a giant gorilla, lizard and wolfman knock down skyscrapers by punching them repeatedly.

Apologies if it's a bit rubbish, but it's writing practice and I'd rather subject it to an audience from the word go rather than get all precious about it.

As soon as you could walk, you practiced on Lego.

Then progressed to dollhouses

Fisher Price garages were your stomp fodder

With a tail-flick, Castle Greyskull was gone.

No-one talks about your disastrous trip to Bekonscot

But, hey, it’s ok!

Because you’re family.

We saw the footage on About Anglia

The ruins of Sizewell A, B and C

You are a garguantuan scale-clad cause celebre

Questions are asked of us as the destruction continues.

We deny everything to the TV crews and hide the mutant iguanas in the cellar.

But it’s all right!

For we too have an uneasy relationship with authority.

How many times can you thrill to punching out a copter? Did it pall?

Did you eat one too many toasters?

Or did you start to think that Le Corb had a point?

It matters not. After your masterstroke - the destruction of Basingstoke - you left.

A hollowed out volcano your tropical exile.

But we understand.

All the greats leave us in the end.

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