Friday, May 23, 2014

Three years frack free - photo-stunt and social Sunday 25 May

Our first action as Lichfield Friends of the Earth and here it is:

At the end of May, it will be 3 years since any fracking happened in the UK. We think that given the Government has gone "all out for shale", it's worth celebrating the fact that we have managed to delay the fracking industry.

Come celebrate with Lichfield Friends of the Earth this coming Sunday at 2pm - meet in the SW corner of Stowe Pool Park (or in the Spark if it's raining) - look out for the banner.

We need your help to do a 'celebration' photo-shoot with a banner and cake outside the headquarters of a certain company beginning with C.

We hope to get the press along but we'll use the photos anyway. As many as people as possible would be great.

We'll then either take our cake to Stowe Pool Park for an impromptu picnic or celebrate in an indoor venue nearby if the weather's not so good.

Either way, it'll be a chance to get together, do a quick action, and then chill out on a Bank Holiday Sunday.

If you can't make it, or you're not in Lichfield

Why not sign up to our Thunderclap in five days time - join hundreds of people tweeting and FB-ing about three-years frack free!

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