Thursday, March 6, 2014

Using the adventuring party model and Chore Wars to help organise our wedding

As some of you may know, I'm getting married to the marvellous @rae102011 this summer, a fact which makes me very happy.

One of the things I've decided is that I don't want is a best man -  instead I'm going for more a collective approach. Instinctively it feels right to me to ask people to make a contribution according to their time, talents and inclinations rather than funneling it all through a single individual.

So, I've asked my closest friends and my brother if they would join my wedding adventuring party. I borrowed the term from a lovely steampunk couple on Offbeat Brides, as it seemed to reconcile both my activist and geeky tendencies in one bound.

And then I found Chore Wars - referenced by Jane McGonigal in her gamification manifesto Reality is Broken. A website which turns keeping the house clean into not just a game, but a series of epic quests, Chore Wars makes the mundane magical.

So, I thought - I have a wedding adventuring party, why not suggest some tasks adventures to them? Make the relatively mundane task of planning a stag party and a wedding exciting in itself

Not all my friends are gamers, and I don't expect all my party to go for this - I've reassured them that it's not compulsory.

But as you can see from the screen grab below it does seem to appeal to some! I've promised some kind of special prize for the person who gets the most treasure and experience. 

And if nothing else, I now have a handy record of wedding day tasks to share with my marvellous fellow-adventurers

There's absolutely no way I would get away with this in Friends of the Earth officially - however it's about knowing your audience and I'm wondering if this would play well with a particularly geeky subset of activists.

Also - it raises a broader question of whether there are other fun ways of gamifying the process of collective social organisation?

[continues reading Reality is Broken]

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